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Peter Mason
We are sorry to to report the death of a well known figure in Vera Playa's naturist zone, Peter Mason who has died in the UK. Peter was one of the first residents of the Bahia de Vera urbanizacion at the end of the 1990s (and its first Vice-President). Later he set up an estate agency specialising in naturist properties and helped many people find their own place in the sun.

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A Unique Naturist Resort - Vera Playa on the Costa Almeria in south-east Spain has a warm, dry near-desert climate - mainland Europe's only all-year-round naturist resort. It has 2 kms of superb naturist beach and a naturist residential zone of over 2,000 privately owned apartments, a major 4 star hotel and bars, restaurants and shops. What makes it unique is that it is not a centre, but a zone - it is not shut away from the outside world and no club, company or other organisation owns or controls the zone as a whole, which includes public streets and seaside promenade.

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Great places to stay for your naturist holiday
Mediterráneo There is a 4 star hotel (Hotel Vera Playa Club - Senator Playa Hotels) and around 2000 privately owned apartments and a few houses and bungalows at Vera Playa, some of which are available to hire for holidays and can be booked either direct with their owners or through several lettings agencies - see our Where to stay advice page.

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Apt. El Mango
The view from apt. Mediterraneo

Arguably one of the best apartments on the Vera Playa naturist beach on account of its unrivalled beachfront position, three terraces and beautiful finish - More
El Mango - a one bedroom, first floor holiday apartment at Vera Playa
Vera Natura. View from Apt. El Mango, first floor one bedroom apartment. Urbanizacion front line to the beach. Outdoor and indoor pools just 50m away. Aircon. More
Apartment owners:
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Early flight booking = lowest prices this year
It's not always so but this year it does seem there have been some great bargains to be had for flights from the UK - less than £100 return for a couple by Easyjet - expect the prices to go higher as we move towards summer but, as ever, look out for the special offers and book as early as you can.
and keep your eyes peeled for all the extras on car rental . . .
Does €12 for a fortnight's car hire sound unrealistically cheap? Well, of course it does - don't be fooled by the headline prices that the internet car rental brokers offer. The basic rental may be bargain basement but by the time you've actually picked up your car that €12 may well have ballooned to €300 or more. Why? All car rental these days comes with big excesses on the insurance and unless you have your own car hire rental excess insurance you'll either have to pay up at the car rental company's desk - possibly €200 or so - or take a big risk that you won't have any damage - but you'll still have to pay up to €1000 deposit in case you do. Other clever money making ideas include refuelling charges of €30 or €40 which if you want the car you have no alternative but to pay, an admin fee for the rental and, of course, a very expensive tank of petrol or diesel - often 50% higher for a tankful than petrol stations charge and, generally, no refund for unused fuel or even if there is one, the refund is subject to yet another admin fee and refuelling charge so there is unlikely to be anything left to refund. Of course there are alternatives to car rental, especially public transport - a perfectly feasible option from Almeria and even Alicante airports and there are now more airport shuttles at around €15 per person each way (Almeria) and €30 (Alicante). - 19 March 2017
Europe's best naturist destination
 If it's a naturist holiday you're looking for then there's nowhere better than Vera Playa with its long, long sandy beach and open, relaxed atmosphere. There's a wide variety of holiday options ranging from self-catering holiday apartments varying between basic and luxury standard to a 4 star hotel within the naturist zone - or you can stay elsewhere in the area and come to use the naturist beach as and when it suits you. when you have visited Vera Playa for the first time you are quite likely to want to do so time and time again - or even to move lock, stock and barrel to live here - there's plenty of property purchase options available and there has never been a better time to buy property in and around Vera Playa.
In 2016 the UK shocked Europe by deciding to exit the European Union. What effect will BREXIT have on property?

As expected the immediate effect was significant with stories of sales being cancelled and, of course, the pound falling against the euro making it more expensive for Brits to purchase property in Spain.

However, now people have begun to get over the shock, confidence seems to be returning and it could well be a busy year for property sales and purchases. Some Brits may be put off by the fall in sterling compared with the euro but the signs are that there are buyers out there and many are Spanish and of other EU nationalities.

For more information visit our property for sale page - click here
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Vera Playa looking south  - June 29 2006 - photo copyright 2006 - Click this image for larger version
Vera Playa looking north 29 June 2006 - photo copyright 2006 - click this image for larger version
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