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A Unique Naturist Resort - Vera Playa on the Costa Almeria in south-east Spain has a warm, dry near-desert climate - mainland Europe's only all-year-round naturist resort. It has 2 kms of superb naturist beach and a naturist residential zone of over 2,000 privately owned apartments, a major 4 star hotel and bars, restaurants and shops. What makes it unique is that it is not a centre, but a zone - it is not shut away from the outside world and no club, company or other organisation owns or controls the zone as a whole, which includes public streets and seaside promenade.

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The World has changed - Coronavirus Covid-19 & Vera Playa
Just a few weeks ago it would have been impossible to imagine that our normal ways of living would be turned upside down in 2020. But they have, by the Coronavirus Covid-19. Those who live full time at Vera Playa will, of course, be very familiar with the lock-down measures in operation by the Spanish authorities. As from today (2 May) these are being very slightly eased to allow adults a brief period outside for exercise each day (children were allowed to do so from a day or two ago). Otherwise the lock-down is still pretty strict. If and when hotels and other tourist accommodation is allowed to reopen in perhaps a few weeks time, it seems likely that restaurants may still be closed and facilities such as swimming pools may not be able to be used.
For visitors from within Spain, they will not be able to come until travel restrictions are relaxed and foreign visitors will, of course, also be affected by whatever movement restrictions apply to their home country, and any countries they have to pass through,
For the longer term, we are only just beginning to get a sense of how dramatically this virus may be changing the way we all live - we've all grown accustomed to just catching a plane and going wherever we want for not much cost. Until there is an effective vaccine and we have all had it, which may well be 18 months to 2 years away, we'll not be visiting Vera Playa, or anywhere else. Even afterwards, the whole international travel scene may be changed out of all recognition.

Sadly, these are not appealing little creatures in the sea at Vera Playa - they are the Covid-19 virus, the last thing anyone wants to encounter. To keep people safe, follow the rules and stay away unless you are already locked down at Vera Playa - if you are locked down at Vera Playa then at least you have a naturist lock-down - and most properties have some outside space to enjoy the sun. It could be that those of us who have enjoyed the Vera Playa lifestyle over the past 25 years may have to wait a long time to enjoy it again
Europe's best naturist destination
 If it's a naturist holiday you're looking for then there's nowhere better than Vera Playa with its long, long sandy beach and open, relaxed atmosphere. There's a wide variety of holiday options ranging from self-catering holiday apartments varying between basic and luxury standard to a 4 star hotel within the naturist zone - or you can stay elsewhere in the area and come to use the naturist beach as and when it suits you. when you have visited Vera Playa for the first time you are quite likely to want to do so time and time again - or even to move lock, stock and barrel to live here - there's plenty of property purchase options available and there has never been a better time to buy property in and around Vera Playa.
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   If you are booking accommodation or have already done so, the hotel or apartment owner/agency or package holiday company you are using should provide all the information you need - ask them!

Property at Vera Playa has certainly encountered some storms since the naturist zone was developed in the late 1900s and early 2000s.

The first big blow was the global credit and banking crisis and it has only been in the past few years that the effects of that have begun to be overcome.

It is far too soon to say what effect the current Coronavirus Pandemic will have on the property scene at Vera Playa but one positive thing to say is that Vera Playa is unique and the supply of properties is finite, so hopefully it may not be knocked as hard by this crisis as may other textile holiday resorts and developments.

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Vera Playa looking south  - June 29 2006 - photo copyright 2006 - Click this image for larger version
Vera Playa looking north 29 June 2006 - photo copyright 2006 - click this image for larger version