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A day at Vera Playa. . .

Residents and visitors describe typical days - for them - at Vera Playa - and why they love it
We keep our clothes in the car . . .
Lisa soaking up the sun at Vera Playa - photo copyright mc & 2010
   A typical day at Vera Playa for us, as we were in a studio apartment in Natsun on the beach facing the sea, the first thing we saw in the morning was a spectacular beautiful sunrise, this was from the elevated balcony giving a wonderful view of the beach and well kept gardens where the pool is, the constant sound of the sea was wonderful and the sea breeze is refreshing to say the least, so it is breakfast on the balcony with scenic views, no need for clothing as even in the morning the temp is warm. Next we would make our way to the sandy beach, the sun is already up. This only took minutes to reach, there is a wooden walkway for a short distance across the sand, where we leave our beach sandals, the only item of clothing we took. Vera Playa from Natsun - photo copyright mc & 2010
   There are some other people there doing the same as us, strolling along the sea edge in the water, a few people jogging others enjoying the scenery. After around an hour we would return to the apartment as we would be visiting the local town for shopping and supplies as we are self-catering, all my clothes are in the car, I don't have any in the apartment, and it only takes seconds to put on shorts and T shirt. The local town and harbour have all you could need and if you desired bars and restaurants. on arriving back at Vera Playa I would leave my clothes in the car as there is now no need for them, only flip flops because of the road, away goes the shopping time to hit the beach, by now this popular resort is starting to fill up and it's not even lunch. We bought our own sun loungers and parasol though you can hire them from the various beach restaurants/bars, once we picked a beach spot that was ours for the day, the beach is now busy with naturists, families, couples in the sea, sunbathing, eating in the beach bar/restaurants.

  Mel on the beach at Vera Playa - photo copyright mc & 2010 Our favourite is the bamboo beach bar called the Jolly Roger where seating and refreshments of your choice are in abundance, as all this is naturist it's normal to take a towel to sit on as you are naked, this is two mins from the sea, you can hire sun beds, pedaloes from here. I was quite surprised how friendly and open all the people are and how easy it is to have nice conversation with someone you just met, so the day seems to pass as you're busy having lots of fun enjoying yourself and if you desire meeting others. We would sometimes use the naturist pool as it is fresh water, and set in beautiful gardens, though there are shower stands on the beach to clean off with. In the early evening more people arrive to play volleyball matches and other beach activities - naturist of course. There is also a nice bar/restaurant minutes from our apartment. We frequented it evening times, and late at night all night there are a few people beach fishing.
Natsun and the 'Jolly Roger' - phopto copyright mc & 2010
   There are lots places to go and see if you want a change from the beach: we went to Cuevas de Sorbas, caving well worth a visit, there really is too much to write, we really enjoyed the free surroundings, friendly people and staff, the office on site where we booked is well run and all the help no matter what it is was provided by friendly professional staff, all we can say is Vera Playa is one not to miss, highly recommended as a must go naturist resort, we really enjoyed our stay and intend to return soon as possible.
    Well folks, hoping to see you there, make sure you say hello when you see us, you will have a great time, see you soon

Mel and Lisa.
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Lisa on the beach at Vera Playa - photo copyright mc &
Swiss naturists fell in love with Vera Playa on first visit
The delight of the sea - photo copyright Mr Toulemonde & 2009We found Vera Playa nearly ten years ago, when there were less buildings, yet not lost in the wilds. When we arrived we fell in love with it . The freedom to be naked even in the streets was an instant hit with us.
    We can get up at our own speed no need for the alarm clock and the rat race to get to work. No phones and e-mails, just time to lay back and relaxe, eat lightly, salads grilled meats and fish, of course time as well to taste and enjoy local wines .
    Having already been on naturistes holidays to France, Yugoslavie, Austria and at home in Switzerland ,we enjoyed our first stay not only the relaxed atmosphere but also the fact that Vera is within driving distance of many beautiful Towns and Cities.
    During our stays we enjoy being on the beaches and spending time in and around Vera. We also enjoy travelling around the area - places such as Ronda, Granada, even Seville, all not too far to visit .The beautiful countryside as well. In local towns such as Vera and Garrucha there are good restaurants which give us the chance to discover the different types of food from the area.
    So while in Vera Playa we spend some time on the beach , walking swimming and just enjoying the freedom,On the beach at Vera Playa - photo copyrightMr Toulemonde & 2009 discovering the area, and enjoying the food and wines.
    Each time we leave we have a large number of types and sorts of wine we have found and each time we spend all winter searching for them in our region , even travelling to France, which is just over the border, trying to find these fine nectars. It is such a friendly place that we always end up talking and passing the time of day with someone, all like us far from the everyday stress. Let's hope Vera Playa exists for many, many years more so our children and their children will have the possibility to enjoy what we have had the chance to enjoy.

All the best,
Swiss naturistes , Lovers of Vera ....

It's a hard life at the Vera Playa Club Hotel . . .

Get up around 7.00a.m. make a cup of tea and sit on the patio waiting for the dawn to break and (depending on what time of year) sit and watch the early morning swimmers in the pool.
Sun-bathing amongst the palms at hotel Vera Playa Club

Around 8.00am make another pot of tea and wake my husband, then off we go to breakfast in the restaurant. There is a large amount to choose from including Champagne, but a glass of fruit juice, a slice of bread and a banana is all I have. Then it is time to put my towel out on my sun bed, sit down and read my book for half an hour. Before long it is time for my morning rounds to check all and everyone is OK which takes between 10 minutes to an hour then back to my sun bed until around midday when we go for a walk on the beach - possibly to the shops - then lunch.

A light lunch and a glass of Wine and then back to my sun bed, and possibly (more than likely) have a sleep. Here I stay until around 5.00pm when it is time for my


shower and wash my hair, then another walk around the pool area to have a chat to whoever is around whilst drying my hair. Back to the room and get dressed for dinner.

A leisurely evening meal then back to the patio for coffee and a chat to whoever has come back with us, or passed on their way out and stopped for a coffee, then Anne gazes out at the lush gardens of the Vera Playa Club hotel from her apartment therearound 10pm over to Benitos bar for a night cap we can be there for an hour or until the early hours of the morning depending on who is there, then return to our room and bed.

The following morning it starts all over again, very boring to some but most enjoyable to me.

Anne Manchester.

A naked run sets you up for the day

Vera Playa is 1250 miles or so closer to the Equator than England, so in Spring and Summer especially, it is noticeable that dawn comes much later - and quicker - than in more northern climes. So, not being a masochist, I wait for it to be light and - to be on the safe side - wait for the sun to be at least just above the horizon, to take off any night chill which might be lingering.

Then - I get up. If this sounds all too rational and calculating - it is. The truth is, I don't usually wake up until it is (a) light and (b) the sun is up.

I then leave my wife sleeping (or occasionally preparing breakfast) and go for a run. This does not involve much preparation at Vera Playa. All one needs is a pair of running shoes (trainers) and one's self. One of the great joys - to me - of having a property at Vera Playa is the ability to run naked. To me, running naked is liberating and one of the most sensual experiences one can have.

In the winter or early spring I'll check the temperature because, even at Vera Playa, it can sometimes be too cold first thing in the morning to run naked - but more often than not it's warm enough.

Apart from running shoes, the only thing I need is a key to the gate to the beach. And then I'm off. By the time I reach the beach I'm properly awake if I wasn't before. I then have a big decision; should I go left or right? Or should I have a swim first or later? (It's all decisions at Vera Playa).

A morning run at Vera Playa

A run in paradise - what better way to start the day?

Let's say, on this day, I turn left. I run along the shore-line, just where the sand is hard, from being wetted by the sea, and thus good to run on. The beach at Vera Playa is exceptionally variable; sometimes along the shoreline it is sand all the way; other times it can be fine, or even large pebbles; usually it varies.

Turning left means I am running north. Running towards the Vera Playa Club Hotel in the distance and - further still - the coast curves round to a low headland beyond which it is possible to see the coastal fort at the small harbour village of Villaricos. Further still the mountains loom, sometimes their heads in cloud, sometimes wraithed in mist. Today, a bold purpley-blue mass.

More often than not I pass folk I know, running, exercising their dogs, going for a pre-breakfast swim, just looking at the sea and the mountains. Not that there are a lot of people out so early, just a handful. The best bit of the day - and most people miss it.

Sometimes a runner comes the other way. Occasionally they are clothed even when it is warm or even hot - sometimes in smart shorts and singlet, sometimes even in track suits. Bizarre! Have they never dared to feel the wind on their bare bodies? Are they so constrained by the conventions of clothing - and fashion - that, even on a naturist beach, they go fully clothed? They obviously don't know what they're missing anyway!

I stop to talk to Karen, who is exercising both herself and her dog by running. Karen's husband has just had some major dental treatment so I hear the gruesome details and ask for my commiserations to be passed on to him.

On, past Natsun, to the Hotel. Signs of life as some guests look out from their balconies before going to breakfast. Other early-birds are beginning to spill out from the hotel on to the beach for an early morning constitutional to help their breakfasts go down.


Past the hotel, I reach the Naturist Camp site and the end of the Naturist beach. I survey the view and turn about and begin to retrace my steps.

Time now for a swim. Shoes off and parked beyond the reach of the sea. Sea practically dead calm today - not that it is always so. Sometimes the sea has such large breakers they would not look out of place on an Atlantic coast and a swim in such waves could be your last. But not, thankfully, today. Today, after a bit of vigorous thrashing to and fro it is possible to relax on my back and look around. The mountains behind Mojácar almost glowing in the morning sunshine; the ship, seemingly as tall as a skyscraper, waiting to enter Garrucha harbour; the gaily coloured fishing boasts dotted along the coast pulling up pots and nets to keep the shops and restaurants stocked with fish.

Out of the water. Now's the time the pebbles come in useful. Come out of the sea on to pebbles and no sand sticks to one's feet and so the shoes can go straight back on. If there are no pebbles near where I've swum - then it's barefoot along the beach, carrying the trainers, until there are some. Before we owned a property at Vera Playa - when we used to stay at the hotel a couple of times a year - I used to run every day barefoot from the hotel. Absolute nakedness. But it can be quite hard on the feet and there is always the chance of accidentally running over broken glass or a fisherman's hook. Not a nice thought - though, fortunately, I never did. Now, when I have to negotiate a couple of hundred metres of road and pavement to the beach, it seems that running shoes are a sensible compromise - and enable me to run on any really pebbly lengths of beach that the day's tide may bring.

I only have one more decision. When I reach the point at which I should leave the shoreline to return to Bahia de Vera. The question is, whether to call it a day here or carry on, towards Puerto Rey and Garrucha. The answer depends: How much, if any, energy do I have left? How nice a day is it? Is there any sign of textiles on the beach (the limits to the naturist beach are pretty vague in this direction).

So, I may go on - often as far as Puerto Rey - then retrace my steps, take another swim and then it's time to go home for breakfast. As I pass Vera Natura the chances are I see friends or acquaintances there and greet or talk to them. So an hour's run and swimming easily becomes an hour and a half or even two before I get home.

Vera Playa beach looking south
The wonderful view of Mojácar and the Sierra Cabrera from Vera Playa, early morning

By the time I get home it's by no means for an early breakfast - but as I sit in the sun and eat my muesli and sip my orange juice, I see that some of my neighbours are only just surfacing.

So I'm set up for the day - though, depending on the weather - I may not do a lot - a little sun-bathing, a little
D-I-Y, a little gardening, a few swims, a glass or two of wine, a visit to the shops, check e-mails, up-date this website, a meal out, a book, a little TV - and then in no time, it's time for tomorrow's run - my first - and best hour of each day.

Bob, webmaster
So, how do you spend your day at Vera Playa?


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How do you spend your days at Vera Playa?
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