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In brief: What's at Vera Playa?
Beach >4kms of deep sandy beach (with some pebbles). >2kms is officially naturist
Hotel 4 star hotel (Hotel Vera Playa Club) with 270 hotel rooms, studios and apartments (owned & operated by Playa Hoteles)
Apartments >2,000 privately owned apartments in a dozen different naturist urbanizacions. 80% are Spanish owned. 5 - 10% are the permanent homes of their owners or renters, remainder are holiday homes
Houses/villas Just a few actually in the naturist zone, but more close by
Food Shops A major supermarket (Consum, just outside naturist zone) another (Mercadona) within 3 kms
Eating places A wide variety in and close to the naturist zone (short walk) ranging from cafe/bars to Asian buffet & smart restaurants (but only a few which are fully naturist)
Public transport Hourly bus service to both Garrucha/Mojacar Playa in one direction and Vera town in the other. Seasonal "land-train" links Vera Playa to Garrucha and everywhere inbetween
What's special? The beach - superb. The naturist zone - unique (it's just part of the local area)
Non-naturist Naturist accommodation fronts about 1km of the naturist beach, remainder of accommodation is textile - owners & renters use the naturist beach - many au naturel. Aqua-park adjacent to naturist zone (opens June to September)

The beach

The beach at Vera Playa, early morning, looking north

Vera Playa beach looking north
The principal facility at Vera Playa is its superb naturist beach. The beach stretches approximately 7 kilometres, from just south of Villaricos down through Vera Playa itself, and on to Puerto Rey and Garrucha. More than two kilometres is officially naturist.

(During 2002 the local Council attempted to reduce the naturist beach to about 1 km - just the area immediately fronting naturist developments - a campaign to challenge/reverse this had a significant victory - support by the Ombudsman for Andalucia in April 2004, but Vera Council still - misleadingly - signs this length as "playa textil")
It is possible to walk along the shoreline all the way from Vera Playa to the attractive small harbour of Villaricos to the north or the larger fishing harbour and town of Garrucha to the south. The beach is predominantly sandy, though on the shoreline it can sometimes be pebbly - it changes with every tide. In fact the stones and pebbles on the shoreline are exceptionally diverse and attractive.

The sea is swimmable all year (even in the depths of winter it is warmer than the seas in northern Europe in summer!). Less hardy souls, which probably includes most Spanish people who are acclimatised to Spanish weather conditions, would probably say that the sea is swimmable from about May to late October. At the height of summer (mid June until mid Sepember it is wonderfully warm.
  The beach at Vera Playa, early morning, looking south towards Puerto Rey, Garrucha and Mojacar
Vera Playa beach looking south

Swimming poolsThe beautiful outdoor pool at Vera Natura and sea beyond


The Vera Playa Club hotel has a huge and beautiful outdoor unheated pool with waterslides and other water features and a small covered and heated pool.

Vera Natura has a large outdoor unheated pool and a large indoor heated pool.
Bahia de Vera
has a substantial unheated outdoor pool and a large indoor solar and heat-pump heated pool.
Torrema Natura
similarly has a large outdoor and a covered, heated pool. Only these 3 urbanizacions have covered and heated pools which are usable all year round. All the other urbanizacions have only outdoor pools which are usable from April to October
(La Menara now has an outdoor pool which is heated in the winter but its insulating cover has to be rolled back before it can be used so it is not available 24/7).

All the pools are restricted to the clients/owners of the development concerned.

AquaPark: There is a large aquapark close by Vera Playa beach on a low hill, with long water flumes etc. Open summer only. (Textile)

Left - The Vera Natura outdoor pool

bars, restaurants, supermarket and shops outside the main entrance of the Vera Playa Club Hotel

Bars and Restaurants

There are two main locations where there are bars and restaurants within a short walk of the naturist zone (neither area is actually in the naturist zone):
1. On the northern perimeter of the naturist zone: Outside the main entrance to the Vera Playa Club Hotel there is a parade of shops, bars and restaurants (this street is generally known as "Hotel Street"). The hotel itself has a large restaurant and several bars/cafes.
2. On the southern perimeter of the naturist zone: Close to the main entrances of the Bahia de Vera and Torremar Natura urbanizacions there are a number of bars and restaurants (the recession has caused some of these to close or change ownership and names so it is difficult to ensure that the establishments are accurately listed at any one time) There is also a substantial commercial centre which has the Consum supermarket on its ground floor and has space for 30 or 40 shops, restaurants, bars etc on other floors. However, due mainly to the recession no doubt, only a few of these are currently occupied and open - notably the Wok (Chinese/Thai buffet style restaurant and an internet cafe)

Within the naturist zone there are some small cafe/bars and some beach bars/restaurants. On a public pedestrian way through the newest phase of the Natsun development there is the Paso Doble cafe/bar and next to the Vera Natura recption office there is the Bar Trinidad. On the beach in front of Natsun there is the Natsun Chiringuito (popularly known as Tiggers) and a little further south there is the Pirates chiringuito and on the edge of the beach close to Vera Natura there is a bar/cafe/restaurant which used to be known as the Sol y Luna but is now known as the Vera Natura beach bar/restaurant.

Further afield: There is also a large selection of bars and restaurants in nearby places, such as Villaricos, Puerto Rey, Garrucha and Mojacar Playa (beach) and Mojacar Pueblo (village) and in the countryside and villages.

Please note - the following table shows only some of the bars, cafes & restaurants. If you have information about any of the others please send it to us.

Location   Services How to find Clothing Season Open Positive comments Negative comments
Hotel Street
Benito's Bar, restaurant (snacks and meals). The best known & loved cafe/bar at Vera Playa - enormous and excellent value meals Bar closest to hotel on left when facing hotel Textile Approx - late February until mid November
All day to late
(Nov eves only)
Speedy service
Good ambience
Good value
Large meals
TV, but no loud music
Benito can be generous with appetisers and drinks
Can be crowded
Tuna salad served with most meals (but it's good!)
  Blue Parrot Bar restaurant
(British owned/run
Adjacent to roundabout with statue Textile 365 days per year All day until very late (upstairs night bar) Huge meals
Mainly British cuisine
(speciality is huge battered cod & chips at €8, but home made pies also excellent).
Good value
Sound system can be loud.
Meals are almost too large! You might have to go on a diet afterwards or limit the number of visits to this establishment
Buena Mesa Bar, restaurant Next to Benito's Textile March to October Mid-day to late evening    
Broadway Bar Hotel Street Textile March to October 7 pm - very late    
  Frankie's Bar Cafe/bar 50m beyond the roundabout with the statue (from the hotel) Textile All year All day/evening After Benito's, seems the busiest Can be busy, sound system can be quite loud

El Balconcito Cafe/bar (snacks and meals)
Sunday lunches have good reputation.
Hotel Street (next to Sun-Med estate agency) Textile All year Mornings till late evening    
Nr Bahia de Vera and Torremar Natura gates Atoda Vela Bar - also serves tapas 20m from Torremar Natura gates Textile Most of year (closes for longish holiday period in winter) All day and most of the night Smart decor Outdoor sound system can be noisy (including in the early hours and even when there's no-one there!)
  Mayo de 2004 Bar/restaurant
(Recently refurbished - 2007)
Nearly opposit Atoda Vela and Key Mare Offices Textile All year All day + evening    
Centro Hispania (Consum commercial centre) Wok Buffet Asian/chinese wok buffet - popular (one price, eat as much as you like). Good selection Above the Consum supermarket Textile All year Lunchtimes and evenings Was very popular when first opened in 2006 but a number of other wok/buffet restaurants around now so somewhat quieter generally now Can be very noisy when busy (sound bounces off tiled walls)
Naturist zone & beach
El Chiri' (NatSun)
(known as "Tiggers")
Beach bar, restaurant On beach in front of NatSun Naturist only March to October

All day (not evenings)
(food 12 to 4 ish)

Good meals Not so cheap as once it was
Vera Natura
Beach bar, bar, restaurant (indoor and outdoor) On beach edge in front of Vera Natura Optional
(restaurant is textile)
All year All day to late evening    
  Paso Doble Cafe/bar
(with internet access)
In Natsun phase 4 on pedestrian path to beach Optional All year Daytime    

Please note: 1. Spanish drink/drive limits are substantally stricter than the UK's so it is a good idea to walk to bars and restaurants or if you wish to go further afield either take a taxi/bus or in summer the little "land-train" or nominate one person to stay alcohol free and drive home at the end of the evening.
2. Small local bars/cafes can choose whether to allow smoking or not - most seem to have opted to continue to allow smoking.
3. There are somewhat more bars/cafes/restaurants than shown above - we will extend the list in due course - but the principal ones are listed. There are 3 chiringuitos (beach bars) as you go south from the main area of naturist beach (all textile) and an upmarket restaurant called B2 adjoining the beach at the Playa de Baria 2 urbanizacion (walking distance from naturist zone - about 1 - 1.5kms). If you have a car available Monika's Bar about 2.5 kms from the naturist zone on the road towards Palomares, offers excellent value meals with a menu del dia (around €11) in the evening which is unusual - but it is a smoking bar (there are tables otside which are fine in warm weather).

Food shops/supermarkets

Please note that, currently, there are no supermarkets where you can shop au naturel - occasionally people have been seen doing so in Consum but this is outside the accepted naturist zone and it is understood that naked shoppers are not popular with the supermarket's staff
Name Location Clothing Season Hours
Consum supermarket
large supermarket, part of national chain
Adjacent to main coast road, about 200m from main gates of Torrema Natura and Bahia de Vera Textile All year 09.15 am
09.15 pm
Mon - Sat
Arguably the best large supermarkets - similar standards to Tesco and Sainsbury's
1. On the left as you enter Garrucha (about 5 kms from naturist zone)
2. Prominently adjacent to the Garrucha to Vera road (4 kms from naturist zone - take Vera road from Puerto Rey roundabout next to Esquina del Rey commercial centre).
3. In Vera town centre
Textile All year 09.15 am
09.15 pm
Mon - Sat
Hotel supermarket Hotel Street - handy for hotel guests to use for the odd purchase but little to commend it to others Textile Only when hotel is open  
Vera Natura Mini-Market To the left of the Vera Natura Reception office. This was the only supermarket where you could shop au naturel - but currently closed so that option does not currently exist.

NB: This minimarket seems to have closed for building work in April 2010 (and currently) - not yet clear wheher it will reopen as a mini-supermarket.
Optional All year from about 0800 until 2000 hrs - closed for siesta

There is a reasonable size supermarket (Coviran) at the Esquina del Rey commercial centre at Puerto Rey and a medium size supermarket (Los Minutos) at Las Bougainvillas.

Vera has several large supermakets including Dia (near the roundabout with arch and fountains on the edge of Vera town), Mercadona (in the town) and Lidl (adjacent to the bus-station, easily accessible from the bypass). There was a large Intermarche supermarket near to the triumphal arch rounabout in Vera but this has recently closed down - we have heard a rumour that it will reopen as Consum but this is not yet confirmed (also a rumour that it has been bought by Carrefour?).

Excellent street markets are held in Garrucha on Friday mornings, Vera on Saturday mornings and smaller ones in Palomares and Villaricos on Sunday mornings.

Last update: 26 May 2010

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