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Sad end for "silly/stupid" turtle (tortuga boba)

Photo copyright 2003 (Dead turtle on Vera Playa)

Dead turtle found on Vera Playa at the end of August 2003. The Lifeguards who removed the dead turtle from the beach did not know whether or not the turtle had laid its eggs on the beach before it had died. There was no visible injury to the turtle and it is likely that, as in another instance earlier in the summer, the death was due to natural causes. Following a much publicised successful egg-laying by a similar turtle in 2001 it has been hoped that the beach will become a regular breeding ground for the turtles, but as the young turtles hatch and make for the sea normally at night it is difficult to monitor the situation.


Photo 31 August 2003 - copyright 2003 - all rights reserved
(Apologies for the copyright statement across the photo, but the English language newspaper Euroweekly is in the habit of using our photos without permission which is both illegal and unethical - and fails to respond to our e-mails when we protest at its piracy! )

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