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Natura World Owners face wait for their properties
Natura World, Vera Playa - 7 Dec 04 - copyright www.veraplaya.infoVera Playa's biggest development, the 570 unit Natura World, was supposed to be all finished by October 2004. Now in December 2004 it looks as if the two beachfront apartment blocks are close to completion and - presumably - handover, but the 25 or so smaller apartment blocks behind are not nearly so advanced and, in some cases, are not even started yet. At the front of the development two of the development's 5 open-air swimming pools have been constructed and tiled but are still surrounded by raw building site. Whilst most developments at Vera Playa have progressed at an impressive pace, Natura World has been characterised by its snail's pace. Only one crane has been utilised on the development and seldom has the site seemed to contain more than a dozen or so workmen - by contrast Nuevo Vera, a nearby textile development has used 4 or 5 tower cranes and has buzzed with workers - even though it is only 196 units against the 570 of Natura World. The Natura World development has been dogged with problems and delays - the first development consortium collapsed in 2001/2 when it emerged that it did not own the land and the present consortium decided to proceed on the basis of a single phase of development as compared to the multi-phase development used by most of the other naturist urbanizacions.
The Natura World site, late November 2004 - copyright Natura World occupies the key site between the Hotel Vera Playa Club and Natsun at the heart of the naturist zone.
A conservative view of the progress on the site would suggest that the development is unlikely to be completed until at least Autumn 2005 or Spring 2006, so many owners will have a much longer wait to gain occupation of their properties than they originally expected. Properties at Natura World appear to have been sold at low prices compared with the current market prices of similar properties in the locality, so owners can at least comfort themselves with the expectation of an immediate substantial capital gain when they do eventually take possession of their new holiday homes in the sun.
7 December 2004 - news item   2004

If you are buying a property at Natura World we'd like to hear from you as to what you've been told by the developers about the completion date of your property - e-mail us at "mail" at "".

Peter Goodman finds dead turtle on naturist beach - all rights reserved 2004Foolish turtle's last return?
Long time local resident and well known classical musician, octogenarian Peter Goodman discovered this dead turtle recently on his morning walk along the 3 km naturist beach. Two years ago there was intense media and public interest when a turtle laid its eggs on the naturist beach and there were hopes that the beach would become an established site for these impressive creatures. More

October 2004 - news item   2004

"Hero" President solves new security system's teething problems

The Bahia de Vera urbanizacion has recently installed a new perimeter security system to help avoid the burglary problems which are a problem in some other parts of Vera Playa (mainly the ungated or "open" communities) and also to prevent unauthorised people from entering the urbanizacion and using, without paying, the excellent communal facilities of this urbanizacion which are paid for by Bahia de Vera's owners.

The new system uses special keys which are programmed to be recognised by a computer system and the keys should operate a pedestrian gate at the main gate, five pedestrian gates around the perimeter of the urbanizacion by which people get to the beach and the gates to the swimming pool complex.

Unfortunately, the new system seems to have some teething problems and on some days recently none of the gates operated by the new keys have been working and the only way into or out of the urbanizacion has been by the main vehicle gate, which has not yet been converted to computer control. The new keys - which cost over 60 Euros each, are also proving to be delicate physically and liable to be rendered unusable by immersion in water.

It is understood that the lock manufacturers have agreed to replace some of the defective locks - but what happens about the others is not known. Fran Clemente, President of the Bahia de Vera urbanizacion, was seen this weekend, even late into the evening, working at the various gates and he has now informed all owners that they are all operational. It is not clear why the President of the Community has had to undertake this work personally - contractors were engaged to install a properly functioning system - but yet again President Fran has proved to be a "hands-on" hero willing personally to solve problems at the urbanizacion - well done - and thanks, Fran!.

4 October 2004 - news item   2004

Vera Natura covered pool closed

For safety reasons the covered pool at the Vera Natura urbanizacion has been closed. The roof structure is visibly buckling and there is clearly a risk of collapse. It is not known how long the pool will be out of action but with winter approaching, when the outdoor pool will be too cold to be used, it is clearly a problem for owners and visitors who like to swim.

Only 3 of the 10 urbanizacions at Vera Playa have covered/indoor pools - the others are Bahia de Vera and Torrema Natura. The indoor pool at Bahia de Vera has had its own problems in the past, first of all with paint peeling from the structure (which was repaired by the developers after negotiations by the Community's President) and, last year, with problems with the heating control system which left the pool cold for about 2 months during December 2003 and January 2004. These problems were remedied and, hopefully, the Bahia de Vera indoor pool will be faultless in operation this coming winter - it is believed to be the only pool at Vera Playa which is heated both by solar panels and by an electrically operated heat pump, so it is warm regardless of weather conditions.

28 September 2004 - news item   2004

Stop Press:
Bahia de Vera's President has announced that the heating system of the urbanizacion's indoor pool has been tested and has already been switched on for the autumn/winter season so that the pool temperature will be maintained. It is currently 31.8 degrees Celsius. The showers are now delivering hot water.

4 October 2004
- news item   2004

Opposition to Fish Farm
An Action Committee has been formed to fight the large (60 hectares/145 acres) Tuna Fish Farm proposed by the Andalucian government to be stationed off the coast at Vera Playa. It is feared that the tuna fish farm would have a detrimental effect on the sea and beach - issues include pollution of the sea from surplus food and excrement and smell from the fish food. It is understood that the fishermen of Garrucha oppose the tuna farm as a threat to their livelihoods.
29 July 2004 - news item   2004

Update: The Tuna Fish Farm has been established and can just be seen from the beach at Vera Natura, appearing as a number of white buoys to the NNE of the naturist beach. So far, there seem to be no obviously perceptible effects of the fish farm on the naturist beach
8 Dec 2004 - news item   2004

Vera Playa gears up for beach safety
Beach safety buoys at Vera Playa 2004 - click on photo for larger version - photo copyright For the second year running there is a line of yellow buoys parallel to the beach and approximately 200 metres offshore. These safety buoys are now placed at all beaches in Andalucia and are designed to protect bathers from death or injury by boats, especially powered craft. No boats are allowed to be closer to the shore than the line of buoys. At intervals there is a boat launching channel - also marked by buoys (red and green ones on the seaward end and white buoys near the beach. Bathers are prohibited from using the boat launching channels. On the naturist beach there is only one boat launching channel - opposite the NatSun development. This summer a wide variety of boats may be hired by the hour or half-hour on the beach - pedalos, canoes/kayaks and sailing boats. And, of course, some people bring their own boats. The next nearest boat launching channels are by the Valle d'Este Beach Club at Puerto Rey and at the textile beach north of the naturist beach.

Whilst the system of buoys is an undoubted contribution to public safety, some may feel that there needs to be something similar on the beach - particularly at busy weekends and in the mornings before the beach gets busy and the evenings when many have left the beach - because then the beach sometimes becomes a playground for the owners of 4x4 "All Terrain Vehicles" (ATVs) who zoom down the beach at high speeds - exhilarating no doubt for the riders, but potentially hazardous if you happen to be in the way.

The view of the the Tourism department of the Andalucian Government appears to be that the holiday season doesn't start until July, so the Services (toilets) Chalets have not been open/staffed in June and in fact the beach showers, which were (probably accidentally) working all winter have actually been turned off in June! At least the board walks were laid in June.

23 June 2004 - news item   2004

Troublesome Mozzies result from unsettled Spring
Like everywhere else on the Mediterranean, Vera Playa is popular with mosquitoes as well as humans. The local Councils and the various residential urbanizacions, hotels etc have well rehearsed programmes of spraying to keep the mozzies under control and so effective are these that generally speaking visitors rarely see or are bitten by a mozzie at all. However this is very dependent on the weather - whether conditions have been good or bad for mozzie breeding - and whether the anti-mozzie measures have been taken at just the right time.

This year (2004) the Spring was quite unsettled, unusual for Vera Playa, and probably perfect for mosquitoes. As a result, in May and June there were significantly more mosquitoes about than usual and many visitors - especially those staying in accommodation without mosquito/fly screens fitted to all windows, were suffering from bites and irritation and the annoyance of the ominous buzzzzz in the darkened bedroom or even out on a terrace.

Spraying against mosquitoes at the Bahia de Vera urbanizacion, June 2004 - click on photo for larger version  - photo copyright veraplaya.infoThe local Councils had got together this year as they usually do for their Mosquito control programme and had, apparently, used a biological, environmentally friendly, method of mosquito control. Maybe this wasn't quite as effective as the usual spraying regime, but anyway, by mid-June urbanizacions, such as Bahia de Vera shown in the photo, were doing their own spraying to eliminate the pesky insects - the problem, of course, is that most if not all sprays kill a good deal more than just their target of mosquitoes.

Whatever time of year you go to Vera Playa, but especially in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, it is prudent to take some effective insect repellent and to use it especially if you will be sitting out at dusk or later. If you've forgotten to take any, the local supermakets and todos all sell it - in spray or roll-on form. Indoors - make sure your apartment has mosquito screens - and invest in a large can of mozzie spray from the local supermarket or todo (cheap general store) and spray around indoors, after you've closed the outer door and closed the windows (this is why mosquito screens are essential - because you can still have ventilation if you have them, if you haven't - you can't!). Some people use the continuous anti-mosquito devices which plug in to a power socket and gently release a chemical - but many people don't like breathing in the same chemical all night, safe though they allegedly are. The alternative is zappers which attract the mosquito to a UV light then zap them with a high voltage charge - these can be bought at prices between about 9 and 30 Euros in local electrical and ironmongers/hardware shops (ferreterias).

Finally, did you know that it is the carbon dioxide that you breath out which is the bee-line the mozzie follows to find you? So, short of you giving up breathing, if there's a mozzie about - he'll find you! New species of giant mozzies have been steadily spreading round the Mediterranean - some carrying various diseases that you seriously don't want to catch - not just malaria - so avoiding being bitten is important not just to avoid the unpleasantness and itching. Judging by the size of some mozzies seen at Vera Playa the giant mozzies have arrived (as they have almost everywhere else on the Mediterranean coasts).

23 June 2004 - news item   2004

Ombudsman supports Naturists over Beach Shortening
The Public Defender of Andalucia has found in favour of the case put to him by the Naturist Association of Vera Playa (The Tortuga Boba naturist association - "Foolish Turtle" naturist association - named after the turtles which lay their eggs on the beach). The Ombudsman is critical of the way that Vera Council acted in trying to reduce the length of the naturist beach. The Public Defender has more power than the Ombudsmen in England but it is not yet clear to us whether he can or will direct Vera Council to restore the beach to its former state of naturist for 3 kms. He appears to be supporting the naturist association's case that recognises the existence of all the new textile developments along 2 of the 3 kilometres and argues for the beach to be "free" so that people may be clothed or naked as they wish.

7 April 2004 - news item   2004

Full text of the news release by the Tortuga Boba Naturista Assocn (in Spanish)- click here
English translation - click here

Teenagers' Prank or Serious Incident? Police not bothered either way
Around 1400 hrs on Thursday 18 March, an elderly Dutch lady believes she was twice shot at as she cycled close to the naturist zone at Vera Playa. The lady was accompanied by her small dog and heard what she believes were two loud shots and felt the second one brush her neck. She was afraid for her life thinking a third might kill her and pedalled desperately to escape. The sounds were heard by her husband who was outside their apartment some 200 metres from where the incident took place, which was on the beachside promenade outside Playa de Baria 1, not far from the Mirador de Vera urbanizacion and in view of the buildings under erection for the Nuevo Vera urbanizacion. The lady thought it was possible that the shots had come from the direction of the building site, which is about 100m from the place where the incident happened. A search later in the afternoon did not reveal any bullets or other projectiles but given the nature of the area (small gravel and pebbles) this is not surprising.

Bearing in mind the potential seriousness of the incident, her husband immediately reported it to the Police via the national emergency number (112) only to be referred to another number to speak to the national police (Guardia Civil), who then said that she would have to go to the nearest Guardia Civil station to make a report and that they would have to transfer the call to yet another number as they did not know which office should deal with it. There was no interest from the police in coming to the scene to see if they could find and apprehend the perpetrator(s) before someone else is injured or worse. It is not clear how severe an incident would have to be for the police to actually attend the scene.

The victim of this incident, who has survived difficult situations before and during the Second World War, was very severely shaken by her experience. The couple own an apartment at Vera Playa and the lady concerned cycles several times each day to exercise her dog, but her immediate reaction was that she would not be doing so in future.

It has since been suggested that as this day was the "Dia de la Viaje" (Day of the Old) this may have been a prank played by children or teenagers using firecrackers or some other form of firework, although the lady concerned says that no-one adult or children was in view when the incident took place.

18 March 2004 - news item   2004


Relentless development around Vera Playa naturist zone
It's only about 6 or 7 years since the first phase of the Vera Natura urbanizacion was built - very cautiously - just 30 units. From a state of little or no confidence the whole Vera Playa area has become a Klondike of development. The naturist zone itself is nearly complete - the only large urbanizacion (development) within the naturist zone which is currently under construction is Natura World, next to the Vera Playa Club hotel. Residents of and visitors to the residential urbanizacions in the naturist zone (such as Vera Natura, Bahia de Vera, Parque Vera and Torrema Natura) are untroubled by nearby building works - but works there are in abundance just a little further away to both the north and, in particular, the south of the naturist zone where the entire beach front between the naturist zone and Puerto Rey is now a series of building sites (such as Playa de Baria 2 and Nuevo Vera) - many hundreds of new - and expensive apartments (the cheapest apartments in these developments seem to be around 140,000 Euros and the best ones are 300,00 - 400,000 Euros).

And the transport system is - admirably and with great despatch - being improved to cope with all the resulting traffic:
1. The road from Vera to Garrucha is currently being rebuilt as a dual carriageway road.
2. The coast road from Las Bugainvillas to Vera Playa (and beyond to Villaricos) is currently being widened and new roundabouts are being built to ease access to the new developments

Those who have not visited Vera Playa for a year or two would hardly recognise the area which is now well on the way to fully becoming an urban area, with new roads, shops and other facilities popping up all the time.

Meanwhile, other major national and regional developments are affecting the Vera area, such as the new toll motorway from Cartagena to Vera - the tolls have been announced and construction starts shortly and will be complete by 2006. The Andalucian Government has agreed to the route for the new high speed rail line (AVE) extension from Alicante to Murcia and Almeria.

Those who remember Vera Playa as a sandy beach in a desert should hold on to their memories, 'cos that's all they are now!

20 February 2004 - news item   2004

Three down - three up. . .
felled sign Sometime over the New Year/Three Kings holiday period someone sawed through the posts supporting the last remaining "illegal" sign on the beach. These signs (of which there were originally three in number) were erected in mid 2002 by Vera Council along with its infamous "Berlin Wall" as part of its attempt to reclassify the 3 kilometre naturist beach as 1 kilometre naturist and 2 kilometre textile. The "Berlin Wall" was fairly quickly removed by the council but the signs remained. Then the signs were covered with graffiti and progressively, almost imperceptibly, the signs have disappeared. Whether Vera Council will attempt to erect new signs at what it sees as the borderline between naturist and textile beaches is yet to be seen, but during 2003 new signs appeared at the edge of the beach, one near to Vera Natura/Playa de Baria 1 another near the parking area adjoining Playa de Baria 2 (i.e. about 1 km further south) and the third adjoining the Vera Mar developments (which are at the approximate point where the traditional naturist beach terminates). The signs are practically identical except for the crucial differences of "Zona Naturista" and "Zona Textil". The beach fronting the new textile Playa Baria 2 development and adjoining textile developments is, of course, part of the traditional 3 kms of naturist beach - and is the 2kms which the Vera Council has been trying to redefine as textile so as to win favour with the developers of the new textile developments (currently under construction) which now front the beach. Ironically, at least one of these developments, in its marketing brochure, makes great play of the beach being naturist as one of the main selling points for its properties!
zona naturista signzona textil sign
17 January 2004 - news item   2004

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