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Naked in the street

Naked in the street -  a natural part of naked living at Vera Playa - copyright 2004 all rights reserved

   Quite often prospective visitors to Vera Playa don't really believe that people actually go naked in the streets - to do their shopping at the mini-market or to go to or from the beach. But of course they do (providing it's warm enough - which it is most of the year). Once at Vera Playa people do believe it - and, often as not, do so themselves. Of course some people never feel comfortable going naked in a public street - but most do and it soons stops feeling strange - and just feels great!
   In the background can be seen a sign pointing to the Vera Natura mini-market - this small supermarket is just outside the Vera Natura urbanizacion and can be used by anyone regardless of where they are staying. There are larger supermarkets a few kilometres away, in Puerto Rey, Garrucha and Vera, but this mini-market is very convenient, especially if you do not have the use of a car at Vera Playa. It is open all year. There is also a small supermarket in "Hotel Street" which is open Easter till end of October (same as the hotel). There is also a well stocked small supermarket in the Camping Almanzora naturist campsite - although the campsite itself is open year round the supermarket opens similarly to the hotel supermarket.
   The subject of this photo was photographed by his wife, and prefers to remain anonymous - but we are pleased to say he was the photographer for other photos on this website - so thanks for this - and them.
   We need more photos of people enjoying the freedom of the naturist lifestyle at Vera Playa, especially photos showing men, women, couples, families and/or groups enjoying the various activities - such as boules/petanque, tennis, volleyball, football, swimming, cycling, rowing, sailing, etc - if you have any good photos please send them to us (but please remember that each person who could be recognisable must have given their consent to publication on our website). If your photos are not digital we can scan them - and we'll send your photos back. E-mail us for details of our mailing address. See homepage for e-mail contact details.

Photo: - Copyright 2004

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