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A sign to ignore!

Photo of Council sign on Vera Playa - copyright 2003
This is one of the infamous signs erected on the Vera Playa naturist beach by Vera Council. The sign seeks to make textile the southern 2 kms of the official naturist beach. It is claimed that Vera Council is seeking to reduce the length of the naturist beach from 3 kms to 1 km because it is in league with the developers of new textile urbanizacions which front the southern 2 kms of naturist beach. Interestingly at least one of those developers makes a big point in its promotional brochure of the develoment being on the naturist beach! The naturist association for Vera Playa claims that Vera Council has no jurisdiction over the beach and has sought the help of the Ombudsman for Andalucia to declare the council's actions as beyonds its powers. Meanwhile - as can be seen - some naturists have inscribed the sign appropriately. By October 2003 one of the two signs had disappeared entirely - hopefully it will not be long before the other does so. The naturist association believes that the beach should be regarded as "free" or "clothing optional" - which, in practice, is what it is.
Photo copyright 2003 - all rights reserved - no reproduction in any form or medium without permission


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