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Is this exotic - or what?

Photo copyright 2004 D&B and

   Lots of guests at the Vera Playa Club Hotel will have seen this exotic cane chair in the lobby of the hotel. But how many have thought to take a picture of their loved one sitting in it, as nature intended? Fortunately D did and here is his photo of B looking every bit as pleased with it as you'd expect.
   We need more photos of people enjoying the freedom of the naturist lifestyle at Vera Playa, especially photos showing men, women, couples, families and/or groups enjoying the various activities - such as boules/petanque, tennis, volleyball, football, swimming, cycling, rowing, sailing, etc - if you have any good photos please send them to us (but please remember that each person who could be recognisable must have given their consent to publication on our website). Send them to "mail" @ "". If your photos are not digital we can scan them - and we'll send your photos back. E-mail us for details of our mailing address.

Photo: - Copyright 2004 D&B and

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