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Protest to Vera Council

There is very little time left to protest about the anti-naturist Regulations being brought in by Vera Council - if you are interested in the freedom to practice the naturist lifestyle at Vera Playa please add your voice to the protest against these regulations - before 4 May 2005.

The real danger is that the "official naturist zone" as defined by Vera Council may turn out to be much smaller than has been popularly thought - there does not seem to be a published plan of the extent and boundaries of the naturist zone. The Council may even claim that it is only the areas within the naturist urbanizacions which constitute the naturist zone and that it does not include some or all of the streets and other areas in between the naturist urbanizacions - for example, "Hotel Street" has always been understood to be outside the naturist zone even though it runs between a naturist urbanizacion and a naturist camp site and to a naturist hotel. So what about Avenida Tortuga Boba which runs between naturist urbanizacions on one side and, on the other, an urbanizacion which started as naturist and became - at the whim of its developer - a textile urbanizacion. So is the whole street naturist? Or to the middle of the road? Or none of it?

Next time you go to Vera Playa and find you get arrested and fined for just doing what you've always done - being naked - remember, if you've not joined in this protest, you've only yourself to blame for letting Vera Council get away with bringing in repressive legislation which is at variance with the Spanish Constitution and the European Human Rights Convention. And when you are fined between 300 and 3000 Euros will you be the one who takes the case all the way through to the European Court of Justice?

You can send your own letter or fax or you can use the model letter in Spanish which has been prepared by Fran Clemente, the President of the Naturist Association for Vera Playa. You can download Fran's letter - in Microsoft Word .doc format or rich text format - click on the format you prefer. Please add your own details in the places indicated and then send it - ideally deliver it by hand to the Town Hall at Vera, or send it by recorded delivery mail. If neither of these is practicable you can send it by fax to (0034) 950 393 144 which is the fax number of the Mayor/President of the Council.

We do not have an e-mail address for Vera Council/Mayor's Office. Vera Council has a website at http://i1.dipalme.org/Servicios/Municipios/pueblos.nsf/vera.html where there is a form which can be used to communicate complaints to the Council, so if you cannot deliver your protest by hand, mail or fax you could try sending a short protest message by using this form.

Please let us know if you have taken action - you can e-mail us at wm@veraplaya.info (click on this e-mail address to get a "Mail to" form).

If you want to get the gist of the model letter in English put it through www.freetranslation.com.

Send your letter of objection in Spanish (or Spanish and your own language). To get a free translation into Spanish put the letter you write in your own language through www.freetranslation.com - it's very easy to use - you just cut and paste your text and get it back in Spanish.

Please don't do nothing - even a couple of sentences such as "I wish to state my strong objection to the proposed Regulations which would make it an offence to be naked outside the area defined as naturist by Vera Council. Any such regulations would be in breach of my rights under the Spanish Constitution and under the European Human Rights Convention." would be much better than doing nothing at all. Also, give your full name and your NIE or NIF number if you have one, or passport number if youhaven't and give your home address and indicate whether you are a property owner or a visitor to Vera Playa (otherwise Vera Council may ignore your objection as not being authenticated). And please do it before 4 May!

See what others have to say about Vera Council's proposed Regulations - click here

If you visit the website of FEN (The Spanish Naturist Federation) there is an excellent leaflet on your rights to be naked in Spain - it is in downloadable form (PDF format) and is at http://www.naturismo.org/docs/legal_fen_english.pdf

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