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Comments on Vera Council's anti-naturist Regulations

"What a bunch of hypocrites at the town hall, they granted planning permission and licences to build the naturist area, which brought revenue and prosperity to the area, then decide they do not like it, guess the big developers of textile developments are greasing their palm!!"
Nigel & Diane (La Menara)

"We have today fax the complaint letter to Vera Council from myself & the good lady wife. Same old story,nobody wanted the land and beach years ago.Naturist invest in the area,( now look what a good idea)Textile money men move in. Sorry But...fuck them.!!!!
Regards, Steve & Allyson, Vera Natura"

"It seems to me that the only way we can hope to maintain the delightful Vera Playa as we want it is to begin to engage in the Spanish political system. Are all the local parties anti-naturist? What sort of majority do these people have? How big is the electorate? Can non resident home owners register to vote, if so, how do you do it? In the meantime I have copied and faxed the letter."
Maureen from La Menara

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